Dr. Ayin Adams is a creative visionary who receives ideas from the universe in which she acts upon immediately. Dr. Adams received the idea from Universal Intelligence to start a Black Publishing Company in Hawaii. Prior to manifesting this idea, for six years, Dr. Adams worked extensively and published her books with Publisher Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal of India. Her early publishing credits in India includes: Pacific Raven: Hawaii Poems, Tourmalines: Beyond the Ebony Portal, African American Attorneys in Hawaii and the acclaimed African Americans in Hawaii: A Search for Identity. Realizing the importance of exposure for her books, Dr. Adams intuitively knew that it would be best to be published and printed in the U.S.A. She next met with Ingram Books, establishing a small press and transferring all titles, (except one) from India to USA.


Dr. Adams conceived Pacific Raven Press (PRP) and opened its doors in March 2009, with offices on both Maui and O`ahu with Maui serving as the main office. Earlier employment with publishing companies in her hometown of New York City and work with The Maui Bulletin/Maui News, Dr. Adams earned more than 15 years of professional publishing experience. Dr. Adams ran PRP, overseeing the day to day operations, early dusk morning calls with Ingram Books, hiring a graphics department, and acquiring prospective authors among other duties. Dr. Adams worked tirelessly with fledgling emerging writers up to a period of 2 years, bringing their work up to literary standards for publication. She traveled often to work with emerging writers, staying in their homes, laying out their photos, typesetting the manuscript, and editing.


Dr. Adams successfully published would be writers who worked with her successfully, until they became first-time authors. She afforded them a prestigious honor to witness their own stories in print. She helped these first time authors garnered a certain amount of fame and attention as black authors in Hawaii. Dr. Adams forged ahead, positively pushing and publishing an author who would go on to win The Before Columbus Book Award for her poetry book.


Dr. Adams took her small Press, PRP to the Honolulu Book and Music Festival for 4 consecutive years focusing on spotlighting her first time authors. She also took authors and PRP to the Los Angeles Black Book Expo, Maui Writer’s Conference, Panels, and book tours throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Dr. Adams continued to build PRP up from the bottom. Next, she begin focusing on authors outside of Hawaii, and published her first European Author; Belgium Journalist and Poet; Frieda Groffy.


Undaunted by the many challenges of publishing, Dr. Adams attunes herself to inward spiritual guidance, daily meditations, and walks in sacred Iao Valley for inspiration and listening to the Spirit of Oneness.


Dr. Adams developed numerous creative outlets. After witnessing her success, creative differences rose at PRP, she knew it was time to fly solo. She left Pacific Raven Press and immediately opened; Delane Publishing, dedicated to publishing and documenting the soul's journey, as well as poetry, prose, memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.


As a spiritual visionary, Dr. Adams is beyond the shadow of a doubt, a gifted and talented leader who is able to reach out into the universe, grasp the idea and concept, create image and finally manifest desire into full visible form. Dr. Adams expresses the unexpressed.


What others deem as difficult and challenging, Dr. Ayin Adams creates and makes things look easy. Dr. Ayin Adams works in the here and now with the spiritual unfolding of an omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresence of creativity creating through her.

Look for some dynamic and stimulating authors coming soon!


Delane Publishing logo represents Iao Valley. Delane Publishing Founder is rooted deep within the sacredness of Iao Valley and envelopes the principles and teachings of her Spiritual Ancestors as well as the sacred teachings of Hawaii. Iao means "Cloud Supreme." To read Ayin Adams' full Bio, please visit ayinadams.com.


I herein say that Ayin Adams has contacted us to print and publish her books with us. She was very nice and honest in all dealings.
-Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal (Managing Editor at Cyberwit.net)